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We are very proud to stand behind our men and women in all Law Enforcement. Wake County Law Enforcement Officers deserve a District Attorney who will fight for them. Law Enforcement personnel accept a special relationship with the citizens that they serve and with the office of the District Attorney. That special relationship requires open, fair and honest dealings which are uniformly transparent between the agencies and the citizens. This relationship is at its best when all three of these groups work together to ensure that the community is the best it can be.  


Our District Attorney has the unique responsibility of keeping our state government accountable to the people. Whoever holds that office should not tolerate corruption in our government nor should that person themselves use the office to either self-deal or advance their own political objectives at the expense of the citizens of Wake County. I'll fight back against anyone who unlawfully takes from the taxpayers or engages in self-dealing, regardless of their politics.

I will work tirelessly not only to put unremorseful and irredeemable criminals behind bars, but also to find a better way to promote imaginative resolutions that better ensure a law abiding citizenry and fewer deprivations of liberty. I will work to ensure that those who break our laws pay for those crimes and to find alternate solutions to correct or enhance their future behavior, if possible and appropriate. In my more than three decades of legal experience, I know that incarceration is not always a better solution when rehabilitation is a real and viable option. Having a productive and contributing citizen is much less expensive than financing an inmate.




It is remarkable to me that the current District Attorney has no program similar to, and in conjunction with, law enforcement's efforts through School Resource Officers to have a direct connection and partnership through school officials at the 171 schools in this county. Such a program would assist in fostering a connection between law enforcement, students, parents, teachers, teacher's assistants, administrators and the office of the District Attorney. Our children's first introduction to the function of law enforcement and our Justice System should be well before they are introduced to it as a defendant. That process of connection would occur in my first week in office.


Wake County is home to one of the largest populations of those who have served our country in the armed forces in the entire state. That we do not have a "Veteran's Court" already in Wake County is a travesty. Rather than complain about lack of funding, I will begin a resolution program for Veteran's in Wake County the first week I am in office.

Many of the criminal cases awaiting resolution stem from mental health and substance abuse issues. By engaging the services of mental health and substance abuse professionals to assist with the resolution of these matters and issues, I plan to reduce the number of cases being prosecuted and, instead, see those defendants receive the help they need in an alternative resolution program or setting.  




Successful political campaigns depend on grassroots volunteer efforts in order to win on Election Day. I couldn't be more thankful for the support of volunteers so far, but need more help.

Will you sign up to volunteer today?

 North  Carolina law requires candidate committees to  report the name, mailing address, job title or  profession, and name of employer or  employer’s specific field for everyone  whose contribution aggregate is more than  $50 in an election. Contributions may not  exceed $5,200 per individual and are not tax  deductible as charitable donations for federal  income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations, unions, and foreign nationals are  prohibited by law.

You can connect with John by phone at (919) 832-3965 or email at JBRYANT@bryantivie.com.

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